10 Colors x 1 LB Each Holi Color Powder premium high Quality Vibrant Colors

New 10 Colors x 1 LB Each Holi Color Powder premium high Quality Vibrant Colors
  • Premium high Quality Vibrant Colors includes 1 pound each of Red, Yellow, Blue, Pink, Dark Green, Purple, Orange, Lime Green, Fuchsia,Teal
  • Safe, fun, brilliant, premium colored powder for runs, parties, races, photo shoots, bath bomb making, gender reveals, fundraisers possibilities are endless
  • High quality colors, non toxic & Easy to clean
  • 10 vibrant colors to make your event colorful and super fun

This is the perfect size packets for any small party, and you get a full selection of all of our brightest and most vibrant colors. Non-toxic and super safe color powders made of natural ingredients for your parties and running events. It is ought to make any event super fun and colorful. Our holi color powder is used by millions of happy customers all over the world for many different occasions, birthday parties, TV commercials, New Year's Party, Spring Break, Fund Raisers, Photo Shoots, 5k Holi powder runs, Marathon races, small school function, Summer Camps, awards and celebrations, wedding receptions, power fights, for the Indian Holi Festivities and the list goes on and on. Kids and adults love this color mess, and the best part is its easy to clean up, just shake the color off from you clothes and most of it will come off. Tip - wear sun glasses or swim goggles to avoid it from getting into the eyes. Fun Ideas - Put the colors in old socks or stockings and throw on each other, you can play tag or make up your own game or mix it with water to make a paste to apply. You can also put the colors in plastic catch up bottles, or squirt bottles, and then throw the colors from the bottles

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